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Heather: Version #2



Punisher Master Copy

I was looking through some old work today and came across this master copy from August 2014.

I’ve done a lot of master copies over the years. Most of the time, nobody ever sees them but me. They’re just for practice, and many are left unfinished because I try to do as much as I can within a specific time limit.

Anyway, I always liked this one (you can view the original here). It was getting close to “completion” (although any artist will tell you that a painting is never finished, only abandoned). It’s my favorite comic book character drawn by one of the best in the business, Jim Lee. I hope I did right by him.


Rock Monsta!

Here’s a new rock creature concept I recently painted for Shattered RPG. I based this on some sketches of gorillas I had been doing during my extremely limited spare time.

Right now, we’re getting pretty close to the home stretch for the core book art. I’ve already begun layout and design for the book, which will take quite a while, and I’ve made a new poster design which will be wrapping up very soon.

Stay tuned.