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Shattered Dice, Part 3

After going back and forth for a while with our manufacturer, Q-Workshop, the team and I finally settled on some designs for the Shattered dice.

For the d4, I decided on a cog/gear theme, and although the game is moving away from a strictly steampunk genre and into its own hybrid genre, I felt that this design worked, especially with the triangle shape.


For the d6, the team wanted something a bit more arcane, so I came up with this design of various strokes and symbols. Using the shape builder tool in Illustrator is a huge help piecing stuff like this together since it allows me to add or subtract intersecting and overlapping strokes and shapes. The 6th face is a tribute to one of Shattered’s most involved contributor’s and fans, Bear. He designed the skull symbol himself.Shattered_dice_KS_d6

For the d8, we again went with an arcane approach, this time with the Peace icon on the 8th face.Shattered_dice_KS_d8

For the d10, we again went with a gear theme, which was actually the basis for one of the very first drafts of the d6 design. Here, I included some Modern Runic, and settled on the War icon for the 10th face.Shattered_dice_KS_d10

Fortunately, these designs were all approved, and Q-Workshop sent us this image with a nice render of what the finished product will look like:imgpsh_fullsize