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World Radio Newsletters

Nearly a year ago, I was hired as World Radio’s graphic designer. In addition to revamping and redesigning their logo, I became responsible for laying out and designing their quarterly newsletter.

This was no easy task. There’s a lot of history here since the newsletter has been in continuous publication since 1964. So, I needed to design a layout that felt familiar, but new, clean, and organized. Content-wise, much of the newsletter stayed the same (although this too is beginning to change). But now it’s presented in a more readable structure. The entire layout is based on modular grids, which helped a ton in achieving that Swiss design look.

These are the covers for the first 3 issues I designed. I decided to go with a color scheme that reflects the theme of each issue, and although it strays slightly from brand consistency, for something like a newsletter I think it works well. I had to think for a while about where I got the inspiration for this, and I finally narrowed it down to some nostalgia from my childhood: Zoobooks. And I don’t mean the new Zoobooks with the crappy, rainbow redesigned logo, but the old ones with the classic, heavy serif logo. Each issue had a front cover border and back that had a distinct unique color. I was always attracted to that.

At the end of the year, World Radio transitioned into being part of our new umbrella ministry, One Kingdom. So, all future newsletters will be under the One Kingdom banner, with a slightly altered design and a small change in typefaces (Helvetica Neue has replaced Lato).


Flood Relief Poster

Back in September, I was tasked with creating this poster for a flood relief benefit that was organized to help victims affected by the south Louisiana flood in mid-August. At the time, I had just read books on Massimo Vignelli and Michael Bierut, and I had been looking into Swiss grid design and their strong, successful use of Helvetica. I was ready to put what I had learned to use.

This 22×36 poster was one of the first results of that research and education. As always, I tried to keep it simple, bold, and readable/legible (yes, in the graphic design world these are actually two different things). The relief benefit was held at WFR Church, and I’m happy that we were able to help some of the many folks who lost everything they had in the flood.



Affinity Recruiting Trifold

This trifold is a compliment to the Vantage Recruiting trifold that I posted earlier. These were made simultaneously; I just haven’t posted it until now.

Since this brochure is aimed at the medical field, I decided to go with a light blue similar to a common scrubs color, and I reversed the interior scheme. Quick and clean was the order of the day.

Shattered Dice, Part 3

After going back and forth for a while with our manufacturer, Q-Workshop, the team and I finally settled on some designs for the Shattered dice.

For the d4, I decided on a cog/gear theme, and although the game is moving away from a strictly steampunk genre and into its own hybrid genre, I felt that this design worked, especially with the triangle shape.


For the d6, the team wanted something a bit more arcane, so I came up with this design of various strokes and symbols. Using the shape builder tool in Illustrator is a huge help piecing stuff like this together since it allows me to add or subtract intersecting and overlapping strokes and shapes. The 6th face is a tribute to one of Shattered’s most involved contributor’s and fans, Bear. He designed the skull symbol himself.Shattered_dice_KS_d6

For the d8, we again went with an arcane approach, this time with the Peace icon on the 8th face.Shattered_dice_KS_d8

For the d10, we again went with a gear theme, which was actually the basis for one of the very first drafts of the d6 design. Here, I included some Modern Runic, and settled on the War icon for the 10th face.Shattered_dice_KS_d10

Fortunately, these designs were all approved, and Q-Workshop sent us this image with a nice render of what the finished product will look like:imgpsh_fullsize