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Heroes of Newerth Concepts

Last year I was hired to do some concept for the S2 Moba Heroes of Newerth. I was tasked with re-imagining one of their characters, Predator, as a demonic monstrosity.

They sent me some reference images and guidelines, and after that I began with a series of silhouettes. Based on their choices and feedback, I then iterated several times on the head, arm/weapon, and the body (not all processes are shown here).

The assignment wrapped up with a series of orthos and some callouts.

Ba'al_silhouettesBa'al_A_head_sketchesBa'al_B_head_sketchesBa'al_iterationsBa'al_iterations_3Ba'al_A_armblade_sketchesBa'al_B_armblade_sketchesBa'al_ortho_line Ba'al_ortho_valuewipBa'al_ortho_colorBa'al_callout_1_blade