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Sketches #11

Recent scribbles from the sketchbook: legs, hips, torsos, and a couple of dudes.


Sketches #10


Sketches #9


Sketches #8


Sketches #7

I’m late to Inktober due to some crunch time at work, but I’ll be getting in the saddle today. In the meantime, here’s a sketch next to some notes about logo design:


Sketches #4

Occasionally, I’ll venture back into pencil land. This study of Yoshitaka Amano’s dragoon is getting lost in this photo, since my underdrawing is entirely in non-photo blue.

I’ve recently rediscovered that I have several Staedtler non-photo blue pencils. These guys are great for beginning your drawing and creating construction lines. After that, I don’t have any particular preference with pencils, although I tend to like harder graphite as opposed to soft. Less smearing. I do have a Pentel .5mm mechanical pencil, but traditional pencils work just fine, too. Eraser pens are a must when working with graphite.