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Revenge of the Sith speedpaint

Like the rest of the world, I saw The Force Awakens recently.

After watching it, it got me thinking about the prequels and what I liked about those three films, now that we have something besides the original trilogy to compare them to. I grew up while the prequels were coming out, so there will always be nostalgia there.

While there are a lot of missteps with those films, I think the parts that work happen to work really well, and I was always a fan of the concept design by guys like Doug Chiang, Iain McCaig, Feng Zhu, etc. Those artists did a fantastic job, and I feel like there was a really smooth transition between Ralph McQuarrie’s vision and theirs.

Regardless, I wanted to work on my painting chops, so I decided to paint this scene of Obi-Wan near the end:



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