Concept Designer

Shattered Dice, Part 2

For Shattered’s d6, I decided to tie in the design with the game’s Conviction system.

As part of character creation, the player can choose to put points into Conviction and become a marshal of a chosen element. Each element is part of a dichotomy, and while you receive bonuses based on your choice, you also receive weaknesses when in contact with a marshal of the opposite element.

The Conviction elements are: Air/Earth, Light/Darkness, Life/Death, Fire/Water, Love/Hate, and War/Peace.


Perfect! Six pairs, and six die faces. Next, I set about creating symbols to represent each element, so I could place them diagonally at opposite corners of the die face. I also placed their names in Modern Runic in the remaining corners.


Additionally, I kept with the theme of using cogs, gears, arcane, and cartographical-type lines in the design. Navigation and air ships are also a large part of the game, so I though this kind of look fit in nicely.

Unfortunately, as with the original d4 design, this design proved to be too complicated for our manufacturer due to our volume order. However, I still have hope that these will get made some day, perhaps in a future batch of dice.


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