Concept Designer

Shotguns / Rifles / Daggers

Here are a few more early weapon designs for Shattered. I typically create quick silhouettes such as these and send them over to the team for them to choose one. Sometimes, they may want elements removed or added, or they might like to see an element from one design paired with another. Changes like this don’t take long; I try to give them as many options as I can without wasting time on too many choices or the unnecessary.

As always, here I’m trying to find a delicate balance between classic steampunk over-design and post-apocalyptic/scifi ultra-modernism. Non-functional or absurd bits on the weapons need to be kept to a minimum, but they also can’t look contemporary or futuristic. At the end of the day, though, the design still needs to feel cool. They have to stand out. So, if that means introducing interesting shapes or bending the rules a bit, so be it.



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