Concept Designer

Shattered Weapons, Round 2

Update! So, I haven’t posted in a while. A lot of that has been due to being terribly busy, as well as dealing with a medical issue that has kept me from working as much as I’d like to. But hopefully the worst is behind me!

Since I’ve posted last, Shattered has been fortunate enough to be the first tabletop game featured on Creative Uncut (which typically posts art for videogames only), and Josh and I also landed an interview with CG Society. In addition to concept and graphic design, I am now assisting with the game’s art direction. We have some excellent artists working on some really cool new pieces that I will mention in upcoming posts.

Here’s a sneak peek of the 2nd round of my new weapon designs for Shattered. The designs I made before ended up being about half of the weapons in the game, so there’s many more to go. This time around, I’ll be sharing some of the initial sketches and process as I go along, instead of only showing the finished product. Stay tuned!



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