Concept Designer

Weapon Process

So here’s some of my process for the weapon designs I created for Shattered. After receiving the weapon list and descriptions, I did plenty of research for each type of weapon. This not only included gathering images, but reading about function and history. Although the world is fantastical, I wanted the weapons to have some familiarity  and to look as if they could actually be operated.

I then sketched 3 silhouettes for each weapon type. The world of Shattered is dark apocalyptic steampunk, so I tried to keep the designs a bit more crude/hefty, and tried to stay away from too many thin/elegant shapes. I noticed that most steampunk imagery is often incredibly over-designed to the point where form heavily outweighs function. I wanted to hint at that, but only just.



For the final images (which I posted earlier), I thought that a catalog look would set the Shattered weapon sheets apart. So the team and I settled on this + a schematic aesthetic. For inspiration, I looked at gun schematics and Sears Roebuck catalogs.

This was super fun and right now I’m continuing to work on more content for Shattered! Stay tuned!


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