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Fan Art!

So, I’m still working on everything else that I’ve talking about, but decided to take a quick break and create some fan art, which I have not done in quite a long time. I’ve been playing this new game, Warframe, and really love the design and look of the game.

To give you some insight to my thought process, I included my idea/reference board. I drew inspiration from high fashion, cats, and of course Warframe to make sure that what I was drawing fit in the universe DE has created. I never tried to simply copy directly from this board, it simply serves as a visual background and springboard for ideas. The high fashion designs were especially handy when coming up with suit patterns, shapes, and lines. Not included are photo references that are in the many books I have on hand.


I decided against adding a tail. I tried to, but just felt like it didn’t fit the universe. After all, rhinos have tails, massive horns, and a lot of other distinctive anatomy, but the Rhino Warframe is merely suggestive of this, which is smart. So, particularly with the helmet, I tried to simplify and abstract shapes and lines that exist in a cat to give it a feline read.


From here, maybe 3 will be taken to the next level. By this I mean I’ll add value, color, texture, etc. and turn them into polished concepts. Now, I am EXTREMELY new with working in ZBrush, but ultimately I want to sculpt at least one of these, so I guess that’s my end goal here.


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