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Data Trail

So, I’m back from Louisiana and will be busy working until school begins again for the last time. While at home, I had a few chances to sketch some stuff for a cyberpunk project called Data Trail that I’m working on with some friends of mine. The initial silhouettes for the protagonist I posted earlier, here.

From that, we started to narrow down the look and I made an idea/reference board (much thanks to my excellent Character Development teacher, Andrea Adams, for this tool) and did some more quick silhouettes:


While I don’t dislike these, it became apparent to me that after doing these that the protagonist of our story needs to be female. This is something that we had discussed earlier, and now it will definitely be realized. Fortunately, all of our character ideas and traits translated easily without any problems, so nothing was lost.

I felt the urge to work quickly and traditionally, so I got out a ballpoint pen and some markers and went to work trying to come up with new designs. I’ve been needing a good excuse to design some female characters, anyway.




I have a lot of work from this past term that will be up soon. Stay tuned.


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