Concept Designer

New Content

I’ve added some new(er) artwork to the drawing, painting, and design pages. Most of the drawings are from a figure drawing class this past July. The paintings are very recent…within the past few weeks. I also put some more Twin City MMA designs that I came up with while designing for them.

I’d like to spend some more time drawing and hopefully I can post more if it’s all up to par. I’m sure I’ll eventually be uploading some paintings from Peter Jones’s painting class as well. As far as design, I’m about to start working with my good friend Kyle Oursler on creating a completely new website for a local church. I’ll post more on that as progress is made.

I’ll also be uploading more photos from the backpacking trip as I go through them. There’s a LOT of them.

Lastly, I’ll be tweaking the site to make it more pleasant and user-friendly.


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