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Rock Monsta!

Here’s a new rock creature concept I recently painted for Shattered RPG. I based this on some sketches of gorillas I had been doing during my extremely limited spare time.

Right now, we’re getting pretty close to the home stretch for the core book art. I’ve already begun layout and design for the book, which will take quite a while, and I’ve made a new poster design which will be wrapping up very soon.

Stay tuned.


MSH Robot Ad, Round 2

This is a follow-up to the earlier MSH Robot ad I did last year. This time both models were featured. No unnecessary design frills here. I kept it clean, simple, and legible.


Affinity Vaccination Ad

Ohayo gozaimasu!

Here is a recent vaccination/immunization ad I made for Affinity Health Group. There was an extremely fast turnaround on this, so this is one of three initial designs I quickly put together during the space of a department meeting. The idea was to convey defense/protection/strength, etc for the little ones. I’m sure you get the picture.

So I kept it simple and bold, using the rule of thirds.


Heroes of Newerth Concepts

Last year I was hired to do some concept for the S2 Moba Heroes of Newerth. I was tasked with re-imagining one of their characters, Predator, as a demonic monstrosity.

They sent me some reference images and guidelines, and after that I began with a series of silhouettes. Based on their choices and feedback, I then iterated several times on the head, arm/weapon, and the body (not all processes are shown here).

The assignment wrapped up with a series of orthos and some callouts.

Ba'al_silhouettesBa'al_A_head_sketchesBa'al_B_head_sketchesBa'al_iterationsBa'al_iterations_3Ba'al_A_armblade_sketchesBa'al_B_armblade_sketchesBa'al_ortho_line Ba'al_ortho_valuewipBa'al_ortho_colorBa'al_callout_1_blade

Shotguns / Rifles / Daggers

Here are a few more early weapon designs for Shattered. I typically create quick silhouettes such as these and send them over to the team for them to choose one. Sometimes, they may want elements removed or added, or they might like to see an element from one design paired with another. Changes like this don’t take long; I try to give them as many options as I can without wasting time on too many choices or the unnecessary.

As always, here I’m trying to find a delicate balance between classic steampunk over-design and post-apocalyptic/scifi ultra-modernism. Non-functional or absurd bits on the weapons need to be kept to a minimum, but they also can’t look contemporary or futuristic. At the end of the day, though, the design still needs to feel cool. They have to stand out. So, if that means introducing interesting shapes or bending the rules a bit, so be it.


Shattered Weapons, Round 2

Update! So, I haven’t posted in a while. A lot of that has been due to being terribly busy, as well as dealing with a medical issue that has kept me from working as much as I’d like to. But hopefully the worst is behind me!

Since I’ve posted last, Shattered has been fortunate enough to be the first tabletop game featured on Creative Uncut (which typically posts art for videogames only), and Josh and I also landed an interview with CG Society. In addition to concept and graphic design, I am now assisting with the game’s art direction. We have some excellent artists working on some really cool new pieces that I will mention in upcoming posts.

Here’s a sneak peek of the 2nd round of my new weapon designs for Shattered. The designs I made before ended up being about half of the weapons in the game, so there’s many more to go. This time around, I’ll be sharing some of the initial sketches and process as I go along, instead of only showing the finished product. Stay tuned!


2014 American Advertising Awards

This will be my last post about the Advertising Awards. Design for the event is handled by one of the local designers in rotation, and it was Vantage’s turn this year. So I was tasked with designing the flyers, poster, social media banners, award certificates, and the award show program. I had a lot of free reign with this assignment, so long as I stuck to this year’s slightly Gatsby–ish theme. Had to be careful, though. There is such a thing as too much bombast.

Here’s the program. Again, I tried not to go too overboard with the theme. The main typeface is Lucida Sans/Lucida Sans Unicode, with Anchor Jack, Poiret One, and Voltaire used for display text. Color was kept to a minimum so that the “bright light” yellow would really stand out, with a desaturated blue for accents. My focus was on maximum legibility/readability and retaining a very graphic quality to the program. I know they look a bit small on the screen, and these are low–res jpegs, but these were fairly large at about 12×14.



So, then there was the award ceremony. I hauled in 7 awards myself for projects that I designed, including a bronze award for the Monroe Surgical daVinci Robot series of ads, a silver and 1st place People’s Choice for the Race for the Cure T-Shirt design, and a gold, 3rd place People’s Choice, a Judge’s award, and Best In Print for the Diabetes Placemat, which I had not previously posted on the blog. Here it is below:



All in all, not a bad night. This was my first time to participate in anything like this. I posted a pic earlier on twitter showcasing the awards (minus the silver award, which I forgot about). I’m pretty happy that the judges liked my designs, and I hope that I can continue to learn, grow, and improve.




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