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Punisher Master Copy

I was looking through some old work today and came across this master copy from August 2014.

I’ve done a lot of master copies over the years. Most of the time, nobody ever sees them but me. They’re just for practice, and many are left unfinished because I try to do as much as I can within a specific time limit.

Anyway, I always liked this one (you can view the original here). It was getting close to “completion” (although any artist will tell you that a painting is never finished, only abandoned). It’s my favorite comic book character drawn by one of the best in the business, Jim Lee. I hope I did right by him.


Wellness Design

Here’s a flyer and bingo mat I designed for the Vantage/Affinity Health & Wellness Fair a while back. This assignment had a very quick turnaround, so I kept it minimalist, bright, and colorful. The Olympic Rings are locked down tight, so I made a design (from scratch) similar to the five rings commonly associated with The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi.

More on samurai influence in a later post.

VHP1129_HealthFair_flyer VHP1156_2015WellnessBingoCard

Shattered poster

This is a poster I recently designed for Shattered, featuring Alexandre Chaudret’s excellent work on the game’s 8 playable races. I had designed an earlier poster about a year ago, but after discussing it with the team, we felt like it would be a great idea to focus on each race and how each presents very unique choices to the player. I always thought that the race selection for this game was very unorthodox, and it was one of the reasons that drew me to work on this game.

While coming up with ideas for this poster, I was reminded of how some games used to come packaged with posters that were not advertising pieces, but full of information that were aimed at getting you excited about the game and its world. Elder Scrolls came with a world map, Supreme Commander and Star Wars: Rebellion came with charts of their enormous unit list. These were excellent marketing ideas executed by their respective companies, and like any good nerdy kid, I would hang this stuff up in my room or put it up on my bulletin board.

So, here we have a piece that’s not so much like a film poster, but more like a chart or infographic designed to give important information to the player (or potential player) and also to give them some insight into the game world and what they’re getting into. I think it turned out rather well, and I’m very happy to be able to work with people like Alexandre and the Shattered team in order to deliver some cool pieces such as this.

Poster - Shattered - Races

ULM Football Ad

This is a recent Vantage ad that was placed in a ULM football program. I had a fair amount of freedom with this, so I looked to Nike ads for inspiration. Although I wasn’t able to keep it quite as simple and direct as my inspiration, I still made an effort to keep it as minimalistic and clean as possible while still following company standards.


Orthopedic Push Card

Here’s a recent push card I designed. I had a fair amount of freedom with this, and so I decided to employ a little color theory on one side by using warm colors against cool grays. They turned out nice. Printed on thick card stock with a glossy UV coating.



Rock Monsta!

Here’s a new rock creature concept I recently painted for Shattered RPG. I based this on some sketches of gorillas I had been doing during my extremely limited spare time.

Right now, we’re getting pretty close to the home stretch for the core book art. I’ve already begun layout and design for the book, which will take quite a while, and I’ve made a new poster design which will be wrapping up very soon.

Stay tuned.


MSH Robot Ad, Round 2

This is a follow-up to the earlier MSH Robot ad I did last year. This time both models were featured. No unnecessary design frills here. I kept it clean, simple, and legible.



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