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I actually enjoy designing brochures. It’s something of a challenge marrying all that type with design elements and photos. I think it can be really easy to overwhelm the viewer with too much information or to make the brochure appear uninteresting.

This, along with print ads and other marketing collateral, was assigned to me in order to update the look of Monroe Surgical Hospital. The idea here was to give a quick overview of the facility and to present a clean, calm, modern tone. The typefaces used here are Avenir / Avenir Next, which also have been my favorites for a few months now.



Shattered Book Design #3

This is the 3rd and final sample of the Shattered book interior design. I wanted to showcase an example that had no art, since art will not be on every single page. However, I thought I could instead fill the pages without art with interesting and consistent design elements that echo the feel of the world.

So, since this is a (really) dark steampunk RPG, I threw in plenty of cog silhouettes, ink splatters, and pen strokes to give the book a nice contrasty, gritty look:


Boom! 3 Days In A Row.

This is a brochure I made for a new division of Affinity Health Group, Industrial Medicine. I was given carte blanche with this project, so I tried to come up with a design that says corporate, yet also looks stylish and clean.

This was the 3rd design I came up with, and it hasn’t been altered much since then.



2014 Addy Awards Poster

I promised more posts, so here we are.

This is the poster for this year’s Advertising Awards. We went with a sort of old movie, gotham theme featuring the quaint little Monroe skyline. I wanted it to look old and new at the same time.

I had fun with it.


Quick update!

Hello all. Quick update before work.

I’ve been busy, busy, busy lately and I realized I haven’t posted since early December. I’ll try to make up for that and do a huge art dump for Febrooary.

I also updated my website.

Here’s a piece I did for Shattered RPG. This is another race portrait, this time featuring The Wretched. Original concept by Mr. Alexandre Chaudret. More to come soon!


Ho ho ho!

Here’s a Vantage ad I recently designed and painted for the holidays. There were a lot of different ways to approach this, but I felt like a classic American, Norman Rockwell route was the best way to go. And, I wanted to paint. So I went for it and here is the result!


2014 Addy Awards

Yikes, only one post in November! The truth is, my family and I moved, so that has required much of my attention and time. I’ll get back to posting more regularly now that the dust has settled.

Here are some flyers and web banners I designed for this year’s Advertising Awards:

addy_fb_flyer_callforentries addy_fb_flyer_eventaddy_fbshare_eventaddy_fbshare_earlybirdaddy_fbcover_callforentries_1000x360 addy_fbcover_event_1000x360 addy_fbfeed_callforentries addy_fbfeed_event


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