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Sketches #5

Here are a few more pages from the sketchbook. I find that anatomy offers a good, quick study and is easily adaptable to line drawing. With most of these I look for areas where I’ve had difficulty: obliques, abs, hands, how the hips and legs connect, etc.fullsizerender-10fullsizerender-8fullsizerender-9

Sketches #4

Occasionally, I’ll venture back into pencil land. This study of Yoshitaka Amano’s dragoon is getting lost in this photo, since my underdrawing is entirely in non-photo blue.

I’ve recently rediscovered that I have several Staedtler non-photo blue pencils. These guys are great for beginning your drawing and creating construction lines. After that, I don’t have any particular preference with pencils, although I tend to like harder graphite as opposed to soft. Less smearing. I do have a Pentel .5mm mechanical pencil, but traditional pencils work just fine, too. Eraser pens are a must when working with graphite.


Sketches #3

A note about my weapon of choice: Yes, I like Bic ball point pens. They’re cheap, you can find them anywhere, they don’t run or bleed on the page, and they feel the most to me like a pencil. Except I don’t really like using pencils anymore (for a variety of reasons, but most of all because I want to commit to my marks and don’t want to waste time erasing). My time at Gnomon heavily influenced my to decision to sketch with pens.

The Bic allows me to sketch very lightly, which is a huge plus, but decent darkness can also be achieved. If I need even more contrast, I will go over my Bic lines with a Pilot G-Tech C4. I was introduced to these by watching Scott Robertson. They’re excellent pens. If I’m sketching traditionally, these 2 pens are what I end up using about 90% of the time.


Sketches #2



It’s been 8 months since my last post. This is the longest I’ve gone without posting in a while. During that time, I have changed jobs and clients, my wife and I are expecting a 2nd child, and we are poised to buy a house within the next month. Needless to say, I’ve been a little busy.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been arting. In addition to my occupation as a graphic designer, I have continued to do a small amount of freelance work on the side. I’ve also been sketching, and due to the encouragement of my artist friend Brandon Zimmerman, I’ve decided to share some of these with you.

Now, beforehand I would usually only share sketches that I thought were tip-top, but here are some of my doodles, explorations, and mistakes amidst random note-taking.



Affinity Recruiting Trifold

This trifold is a compliment to the Vantage Recruiting trifold that I posted earlier. These were made simultaneously; I just haven’t posted it until now.

Since this brochure is aimed at the medical field, I decided to go with a light blue similar to a common scrubs color, and I reversed the interior scheme. Quick and clean was the order of the day.

Shattered Dice, Part 3

After going back and forth for a while with our manufacturer, Q-Workshop, the team and I finally settled on some designs for the Shattered dice.

For the d4, I decided on a cog/gear theme, and although the game is moving away from a strictly steampunk genre and into its own hybrid genre, I felt that this design worked, especially with the triangle shape.


For the d6, the team wanted something a bit more arcane, so I came up with this design of various strokes and symbols. Using the shape builder tool in Illustrator is a huge help piecing stuff like this together since it allows me to add or subtract intersecting and overlapping strokes and shapes. The 6th face is a tribute to one of Shattered’s most involved contributor’s and fans, Bear. He designed the skull symbol himself.Shattered_dice_KS_d6

For the d8, we again went with an arcane approach, this time with the Peace icon on the 8th face.Shattered_dice_KS_d8

For the d10, we again went with a gear theme, which was actually the basis for one of the very first drafts of the d6 design. Here, I included some Modern Runic, and settled on the War icon for the 10th face.Shattered_dice_KS_d10

Fortunately, these designs were all approved, and Q-Workshop sent us this image with a nice render of what the finished product will look like:imgpsh_fullsize