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Landscape Study

Landscape Study using Shaddy Safadi’s method, which you can view here:

I highly recommend watching his tutorials. Really insightful. Really humorous. Good times all around.



The Beast

[--Moon's Journal, 28th Day of Nihainqua, 326th Year of Sol--]

<<<I found few items of use in the cave…perhaps Tor and 3 Winters were more lucky. A few old energy cells, some rope, and a spade were the only pieces worth keeping. According to my map, this place was a mine from the days of the ancients, and the only way through this side of the mountain, so I thought I would keep going a bit farther and scout ahead.

Upon reaching the exit, I found the earth covered in a blanket of the whitest snow, the sun shining high overhead, and an enormous, savage beast.>>>



Casting the line

[--Moon's Journal, 4th Day of Aibreahni, 326th Year of Sol--]

<<<Today I made my way back down to the stream unnoticed. The catch has been good so far, and I plan on showing 3 Winters and Tor this location as soon as I can be sure it’s safe. There are two temples from the ancient days nearby, but I am wary of disturbing such a sacred place. Perhaps when I have numbers, or, if Sol wishes, more courage…>>>


3 Winters


As Ghosts



[--Moon's Journal, 19th Day of Mear Duninhir, 326th Year of Sol--]

<<<We entered the city of ancients late last night, sticking to the shadows and using darkness  as much as possible. Although the machines are clever, we can still keep an advantage if we remain unseen. This afternoon we split up to forage, and it was then that I came across one on patrol. Usually I would do my best to hide, but it had seen me well enough and there were no clear paths to escape. Reluctantly, I drew the lantern and awaited its approach.>>>


New concept art!

asghosts_4a_webAsGhosts_2_web asghosts_weapon_2_webAs_Ghosts_gun_1f_web As_Ghosts_gun_1_web


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