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Evan Concept – White Knife


Brainstorm: Fossil + Soldier 2


Brainstorm: Fossil + Soldier


Helmet speedpaint

Trying out some new stuff.


Weapon Process

So here’s some of my process for the weapon designs I created for Shattered. After receiving the weapon list and descriptions, I did plenty of research for each type of weapon. This not only included gathering images, but reading about function and history. Although the world is fantastical, I wanted the weapons to have some familiarity  and to look as if they could actually be operated.

I then sketched 3 silhouettes for each weapon type. The world of Shattered is dark apocalyptic steampunk, so I tried to keep the designs a bit more crude/hefty, and tried to stay away from too many thin/elegant shapes. I noticed that most steampunk imagery is often incredibly over-designed to the point where form heavily outweighs function. I wanted to hint at that, but only just.



For the final images (which I posted earlier), I thought that a catalog look would set the Shattered weapon sheets apart. So the team and I settled on this + a schematic aesthetic. For inspiration, I looked at gun schematics and Sears Roebuck catalogs.

This was super fun and right now I’m continuing to work on more content for Shattered! Stay tuned!


Hey all, I’ve been busy with client work lately, so it’s been difficult to post as often.

Here’s some recent work for the guys who are creating Shattered, an upcoming dark steampunk RPG. Check it out!

I did weapon design and the page layout and design. With these, I tried to invoke the spirit of old consumerism and used Sears & Roebuck catalogs as an inspiration. I’ll post more about process soon.





Messing around before work. Tried out some different things with color and lighting.



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