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This is part of a series of ads I designed that’s promoting the new Da Vinci Xi Surgical Robot at Monroe Surgical Hospital. I went to a press conference at the hospital and saw this thing for myself. It’s pretty impressive, and I was surprised to learn that we have 1 out of only 50 of these machines on the planet.

With these ads, I definitely wanted to play off the new design. The older model, the Si, is still a great piece of equipment, but looks like standard medical design that you would find anywhere. The Xi looks like an Apple product.

And, after all, ROBOTS ARE THE FUTURE.



Wellness Flyer.

Here’s a flyer I designed for Vantage this week. Some items get approved and printed far faster than others, and this is one of those examples. This was done very quickly…no frills here; I try to keep it bold, simple, clean, and legible.


Anatomy Study.

Time for an update. During my lunch break I try to do some sketching if I get a chance. I thought I would study subjects that have proven challenging in the past. Hopefully here’s the first of many:



Shattered Book Design

This is an example of the interior book design I’m doing for Shattered. There are two more of these we’ll be showing as examples for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Stay tuned!

(This incredible environment concept for Pulse was created by Giorgio Grecu. You can check out more of his work here.)


Shattered Character Sheet

Here’s my design for the Shattered RPG character sheet. I’ve been doing more graphic design work like this for them recently and I’m excited about releasing some of this work publicly. With these I tried to stay within the gritty and grimy game world while still keeping everything clear and legible. Since there is so much necessary information here, I wanted to use icons to help the eye move quickly around the page when seeking specific tables and charts.

Any Shattered designs are subject to change before the game’s release. Stay tuned for more!

(these are low–res jpegs…print–friendly and fillable PDFs will be available on their site soon)





Grrraphic Design

Hi all.

I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve been rather busy you see. I recently accepted a position as a Graphic Designer for Vantage Health Plan, and so the new job has required much of my attention.

I thought I’d share a t-shirt design I did for the Race for the Cure (which apparently is taking place today…at least here).

I’ll be sharing more design work from Vantage, but only after it has been published. I’ve also been continuing to work with INDE on the Shattered RPG, which has a nice new website that you can check out here. I’ll be posting more Shattered work and some lunchtime sketches realllly soon.




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